Latcham Saturdays

Latcham Saturdays in Memory of Catherine Anne Courtney
September 15, 2018

Latcham Art Centre is excited to announce Latcham Saturdays - weekly opportunities to learn, get creative and engage with art through hands-on art...

Button Making: Pop-Art
November 23, 2019


Turn an original pop-art inspired drawing into a wearable work of art with our button maker! Challenge yourself to create something tiny but expressive.

Winter Still Life
November 30, 2019

Practice the art of observation and draw what you see! A winter-themed still life will be set up for participants to draw from using pencil crayons and pastels. Create a quick 5-minute study, or take your time. 

Seasonal Cards: Printmaking
December 7, 2019

Create a handmade card to keep for yourself or share with someone you love! Using basic printmaking techniques in combination with drawing materials, participants will create their very own custom...

Clay Ornaments & Gift Tags
December 14, 2019

Use drawing techniques to decorate a clay ornament or gift tag. A variety of ornaments and gift tags in different shapes and sizes will be available for participants to add their own designs to.