Nature of Form
Derek Evans, Laura Mitrow and Susy Oliveira
January 17, 2014 to February 17, 2014
For Nature of Form, guest curator Anastasia Hare has taken as a starting point thoughts from art historian George Baker regarding the expanded and expanding group of activities that surround contemporary photography
Images: 2013/2014 F L U X
Art Works From the Graduating Art Class at SDSS
December 12, 2013 to January 4, 2014




Artists and Agents
Linda Duvall and Timeanddesire
September 12, 2013 to October 26, 2013

Working directly with members of the Stouffville community, artists Linda Duvall and Timeanddesire (Denise St Marie and Timothy Walker) distilled multiple points of view gathered through their research to reflect back a spectrum of persp

Elegy for a Stolen Land
Peter Sibbald
July 25, 2013 to September 7, 2013
The Latcham Gallery is excited to present award winning artist/photojournalist Peter Sibbald’s exhibition Elegy for a Stolen Land. This is the first time that this work is being seen in a community where the research was done and the photos taken.
Home: Stories From Here and Away
Linda Chen, Toni Hamel, Rehab Nazzal, Souvankham Thammavongsa and Wing Yee Tong
June 6, 2013 to July 20, 2013
Putting together an exhibition that takes as its starting point artists and their experience(s) of immigration comes with a unique set of challenges. Immigrants to this country come for a variety of reasons not always solely based on the freedom to choose.
2013 Annual Juried Art Exhibition
April 27, 2013 to June 1, 2013

Over 250 works of art by 120 artists were submitted with 35 works by 28 artists selected by this years jury.  This year's jury was comprised of Laura Millard, artist and professor at OCADU in Toronto, Katerina Atanssova, curator