The Changing Face of York Region

Christina Baranieski, Diana Bullock, Sandra Cole Burke, Judith Livingston and Frank Smith
September 6, 2008 to October 19, 2008

There is no doubt that York Region is a region in the midst of change. Growth and development are affecting every town and community in the region. The population is increasing dramatically resulting in new houses being built, the emergence of more businesses, and the expansion of roads and services. This growth brings with it new cultures and new ways of being, bringing life and excitement to the region. It also means the disappearance of nature that has been such a driving force in the region and ironically, often the very reason that so many people are drawn here.

In order to consider these changes and how they are affecting the people in York Region, The Latcham Gallery put out a call to artists in the region asking them to consider the theme – the changing face of York Region –  and to submit artwork that reflects their reaction to it. The work of these five artists was selected to make up the exhibition and their work is a good representation of the ideas present among the submissions. These works depict arresting images, different media, a range of techniques, and touching thoughtfulness.  This exhibition is by no means an exhaustive investigation of this subject, but it acts as an opening into the conversation and a way to consider the impact of the changes through the stories told in these works of art.