Carmel Brennan, John Krasinski, and Rick Vincil
April 18, 2009 to May 23, 2009

HERE features thought-provoking photographs of the artists' wanderings in their environments. The artists' photographs capture the physical characteristics of the locations as well as the thoughts and mental climate of the artists. Carmel Brennan's work investigates locations with architectural structures in order to reveal stories of the people who have embodied those structures. John Krasinski finds his inspiration in nature and in settings such as the Bruce Trail and Elliott Falls, places traveled by many hikers, tourists, and artists. Rick Vincil's series Shorelines presents the shores of Lake Ontario devoid of people.

The locations selected as subject by the artists are significant because of the histories and stories they embody. In this sense, the photographs not only document the artists' presence in the locations but also the artists' experiences within the locales. We are able to grasp a sense of what the artists experienced being "here" and why sharing that moment is important.