Hidden in Plain Sight

Living Homeless in York Region
January 9, 2010 to February 13, 2010

Organized with York Region Alliance to End Homelessness

Don't miss this powerful and important exhibition of photographs by those who are homeless in York Region.

You can see their so-called shelters in poignant photographs taken by around 25 of the region's homeless at The Latcham Gallery's current exhibition Hidden in Plain Sight: Living Homeless in York Region on display until February 13.

Visitors to the Gallery since this exhibition opened on January 9 have been amazed by the power of these images. The photographs have opened eyes, sparked conversations, disturbed emotions and caused people to want to help. The exhibition includes a response corner where visitors are invited to leave their responses on a board. Contributions have included:

"A friend of my Dad’s was a successful IT Professional – had some issues with his taxes – ended up living in the back of his car. He had lost everything and was too ashamed to ask for help."

"I have been homeless since Jan. 9/09…I can’t even get a library card…By the Way, this is not living it's Existing – think about that. I’m in a Garage. No heat. No Hydro. No Water."

The Hidden in Plain Sight project was organized in conjunction with the York Region Alliance to End Homelessness and The Krasman Centre. In presenting these photographs we hope that having a glimpse into how the homeless live, or barely survive, will inspire collective action for change. It is a way to give a voice to those whose voices we normally do not hear. It is a way to see what too often remains hidden in our own community.