Images 2011/2012:@RT

Art students at Stouffville District Secondary School
December 8, 2011 to January 7, 2012

Artists in the Exhibition: Michelle Amelard, Brittaney Clarkson, Mahrukh Fatima, Lauralynn Fisher, Sarah Fufaro, Jessica Hasbun-Peralta, Lindsey Kunc, Kevin Laton, Rebecca Legemaate, Emily Leger, Jordan Matthews, Emily Mazzeo, Evelyn Mihaly, Tatyana Monestime, Megan Nash, Marijke Reesor, Norman Regucera, Kyra Rudolph, Savannah Ryder, Adeline Salvador, Cashel Thomason, Katherine Wallis, Caleb Winters, and Fatima Zafar.

“The art students at Stouffville District Secondary School are putting on an annual art show taking place at the Latcham Gallery. This show includes an array of artistic abilities, accentuating the student's outlets of self-expression. This year’s event is called @RT and will be showcasing many mediums and styles. Some pieces in the art show include large crayon portraits, works of art created from nature, clay pieces inspired by the Bata Shoe Museum and lastly collages of the artists' choice. Overall this year’s exhibition will certainly be a wonderful display of variety for everyone's taste”.
~ Kyra Rudolf on behalf of SDSS graduating art class

The Latcham Gallery presents IMAGES 2011/2012: @RT, a group exhibition by the graduating students of Stouffville District Secondary School.  This year, the students bring an exciting perspective on collage and sculpture through the use of multiple media.

Inspired by a trip to the BATA Shoe Museum in Toronto, the class has created shoes by experimenting with a wide range of media including pencils, hot glue, clay, Plexiglas, and even lights.    Exuding extravagance and originality, the shoes come in all different shapes and sizes, representing the many personalities in the class. 

Collages of watercolour, pencil crayon, and other various media will also be featured in @RT.  Interested in expressing their individuality outside of their comfort zones, the students express different themes such as beauty and happiness found in unexpected places, music, culture, and the notion of good art. 

The graduating class takes on the roles involved with planning an exhibition from conception of theme to the unveiling of the opening reception.   Students develop promotional materials, install the exhibition, and will adorn the space with decorations, food and entertainment for the reception.  @RT allowed students to shine as artists, and to learn the curatorial process for those pursuing visual art careers in the future.  Be sure to follow @Latcham_Images on Twitter and like The Latcham Gallery on Facebook.

The Latcham Gallery is a public art gallery dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art. The Gallery is located on the Main Street in Stouffville, 45 minutes north-east of Toronto, Ontario.

For more information please contact:
Julia Dupuis |  Curator | The Latcham Gallery
6240 Main Street Stouffville ON L4A 7Z4  |  Tel. 905 640 8954 |

The exhibition is generously sponsored by Button, Armstrong and Ness and Giles Chevrolet. Awards are sponsored by the Stouffville Lions Club.