McIlvride Evans
July 16, 2011 to August 27, 2011

McIlvride Evans is best known for her shadow box series where the constructed paintings have made been shown in solo exhibitions in Toronto and across Canada. In her solo exhibition at The Latcham Gallery titled the Mountain was Like This, the artist presents a new series of large-scale highly-saturated watercolour landscapes incorporating the three-dimentionality and architectural wonder of her earlier work. The exhibition includes a site-specific paper installation.

McIlvride Evans continues to work from a series of sketches of the Montserrat mountain chain completed at Can Serrat Artist Residency near Barcelona Spain in January 2010.  As her watercolours from the sketches become panoramic, she re-creates the sensation of being surrounded and swallowed up by the strangely rhythmical environment. The artist breaks down the surroundings into manageable 'landscapes'. In her recent body of work she is interested in the superabundance of pattern in this particular landscape: the rhythm of the foliage; the mosaic of conglomerate stone; the striations in the rock; the formations that are really ancient movement, arrested. "What happened to the landscape to make it what it is today? I feel I am interpreting a pattern of scars."

"… mountains are a loaded landscape. And watercolour has in its baggage a careful daintiness I am happy to unpack, roll up, and reconfigure."

by  Lynne McIlvride Evans