Portraits of the Everyday

Valerie Ashton, Jenni Johnston, Goron Leverton
October 20, 2007 to December 1, 2007

This exhibition includes the work of three artists who present everyday scenes in beautiful and thought-provoking ways. Valerie Ashton, Jenni Johnston, and Gordon Leverton see beauty and interest in the mundane things that are overlooked by most of us. When the artists bring the spotlight to these objects their character, beauty, and complexities are revealed.  We begin to question their function and consider the lives of their users. These quotidian objects - a morning cup of coffee, an old chair, the roof of a warehouse - all hold the hidden secrets of everyday life. They are reassuring in their familiarity but we are destabilized by the attention awarded them. The skill and care in the works of all three artists lead us to these paintings and masterfully bring us into a world we normally choose to ignore. We begin to uncover experiences and emotions that reflect life itself.

Although each of these three artists has their own distinct body of work, style, and motivation, this exhibition reveals similarities in themes and ideas. All three artists notice the unnoticeable and capture it in their art.

All three artists capture these moments beautifully, bringing personality to their subjects through their sensitivity and attention. The use of cropping and zooming in their works are similar as is the absence of people. The works reveal an eerie feeling, one of emptiness and abandonment.  With only traces of people evident in the works, they become instead portraits of overlooked objects, portraits that then lead us to ask questions about ourselves.