Gordana Olujic Dosic and Malgorzata Pienkowski
August 1, 2009 to September 12, 2009

threads presents the work of two aesthetically different artists: Stouffville artist Malgorzata Pienkowski and Toronto artist Gordana Olujic Dosic. Pienkowski creates large abstract paintings and Olujic Dosic uses thread and fibres to create simple line drawings on the wall. Despite aesthetic differences, the motivations, sensibilities, and even experiences of each artist are quite similar. Both artists look at struggle and opposition in human relationships and while their points of departure are personal they are experiences common to us all. The artists strive to find resolve and even hope through examining the dichotomies experienced we experience in ourselves and in our relationships. Similarly, by bringing the work of these two disparate artists together Bringing their work together, then, allows the viewer to gain a rich understanding of each and creates a dynamic conversation that echoes the dualities found in the art.