Words Unspoken

W Collective: Wan Ki An, Monica Bodirsky, Martina Edmondson, Vanessa Li, Koeun Park, Hoi Yee Wong
July 17, 2008 to August 30, 2008

Moments when words are too difficult to express, when things are left unsaid, or when no words are necessary, form the inspiration for this exhibition by the W Collective. The members explore this theme in relation to family relationships, in particular. Every year the collective chooses a particular issue that each member experiences in their lives; they create new work based around the selected theme, forming a unified yet diverse body of work that gives viewers a richness of interpretations and a variety of perspectives from which to consider the subject. Each artist shares aspects of her story but as the viewer wanders through the exhibition, a broader narrative emerges, one that reflects the intensity of familial relationships. The work addresses the importance of familial relationships, how they affect our lives in supportive and troubling ways, and demonstrate how pivotal they are in the development of our identity.