Yellow Legs

ᓭᓭᓯᐤ / Sêsêsiw / Yellow Legs

October 17th, 2019 – December 7th, 2019

Latcham Art Centre is honoured to present ᓭᓭᓯᐤ / Sêsêsiw / Yellow Legs, a solo exhibition by Cree Métis artist Jason Baerg. Extending the visual language of Indigenous Abstraction, this recent body of work came to fruition by invitation from the artist-run centre Neutral Ground in Regina. Baerg’s relational painting installations and experimental media works respond to his ancestral homeland. The artwork was made while in conversation with two community leaders, Paulette and Marcella Poitras, who are profound Indigenous knowledge keepers and storytellers in their own right. Collaboration with community, and engaging with the place where the art is presented are paramount for Baerg. These considerations create space for the work to evolve and shift as different Indigenous people, and the local community perspectives are activated. Inspiration from Cree cosmology and Indigenous futurities animate the work, where Pakone-Kisik (the Hole in the Sky), Kisik Acimowina (Sky World) and Morning Star (Venus), act as portals and guides to explore traditional knowledge and liberate our collective perspectives.

Curated by Elisa Coish

Graphic Design by Jennifer Onlock