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Current Exhibition

Loup Garou & Moccasins: A Story in Multi-Mediums

Loup Garou & Moccasins: A Story in Multi-Mediums is a diverse collection of paintings, photographs and mixed-media beaded sculptures by Bonfield-based, Franco-Métis artist Nathalie Bertin. The exhibition combines personal stories from the artist’s life and upbringing, centered within a larger, ongoing context of negotiating identity that Métis communities have had to process and resolve for centuries.

The exhibition pauses on different aspects of Bertin’s life, starting with early-learned stories and tales expressed through the creation of moccushions. These sculptures use beadwork, silk embroidery, quills, fish scales, and other materials to acknowledge meticulous Métis craftwork and other traditional designs relevant to the artist’s upbringing. On surrounding gallery walls, paintings and short photo-essays tell stories of Bertin’s life so far, including reflections on her growth, ancestors, and her thoughts and dreams.

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Nathalie Bertin, Memorial to Jeanne Couc, 2021, mixed media, 12″ x 12″. Image courtesy of the artist. 


Upcoming Exhibition

Work From Home

Artwork by Latcham Staff, Past and Present

Friday, November 4 – Saturday, December 10, 2022

Opening Reception: Friday, November 4, 2022, 7:00–9:00 PM

Work From Home showcases artworks contributed by Latcham staff, instructors, volunteers and Board members past and present, all made or reconsidered during the course of the pandemic. Combined with personal interviews from each contributor, the pairings reveal stories of place, the shifting role that artwork plays in our daily lives and the desire to remain creative during the pandemic.

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