January 11 – February 15, 2020
Artist(s): Katja van den Enden

Working at the intersection of materiality and consciousness, Newmarket-based Katja van den Enden creates immersive, thoughtful sculptural installations that straddle visual tensions and subconscious thought. Exploring the ethereal interconnections of thinking and ideas through laboriously created forms, Scattered/Accumulation not only challenges us to take pause and consider materiality and shape, it invites participation and engagement.

Presenting a series of sculptural works made from Japanese stone clay, van den Enden encourages a participatory lens to this exhibition by welcoming visitors to arrange and rearrange Touch Stones—an exemplary work that underscores the material qualities of Japanese stone clay. The stones, over time, leave remnants of marble dust—a direct result of touching and arranging the work—and in so doing,
leave the hand of the visitor imprinted on this work, and this exhibition. These dusty remnants act as memories to this ever-changing arrangement and speak to van den Enden’s interest in capturing change from external influences.

Bringing together two bodies of recent work, Scattered/Accumulation poetically engages with the intangible nature of psychology and memory, each sculpture delicately interacting with shadow and light. At times, the shadow becomes more substantial than the sculpture itself, eliciting visual tensions and encouraging visitors to consider the association between how the characteristics of light affect the
materials in it.

Curated by Alexandra Hartstone

Graphic Design by Jennifer Onlock