Past Events

Soft Sculptures
February 22, 2020

Get immersed in the expressive and thoughtful forms seen in Katja van den Enden: Scattered/Accumulation. Build your own miniature sculpture inspired by our current exhibition.

Still Life Drawing
February 15, 2020

Draw what you see and practice the art of observation! A still life will be set up for participants to draw from using a variety of materials. Create a quick 5-minute study, or take your time.

Mini Zines: Things you Love
February 8, 2020

Make an accordion fold zine illustrating what you love! Draw your favourite people, places, activities, and things in a miniature DIY magazine. Join us to learn about zine-making and how to use collage and drawing to show your story.

Artist Demo with Diana Bullock
February 1, 2020

Experience art-making up close with an artist demo! Stoufville artist Diana Bullock will demonstrate sumi-e (Japanese Brush Painting) and answer questions about her artistic process. 

Opening Reception for Katja van den Enden
January 11, 2020

Join us for the opening reception for Katja van den Enden's solo exhibition Scattered/Accumulation on Saturday, January 11, from 2 to 4pm. The artist will be in attenance, refreshments will be served.

Clay & Paper Ornaments
December 14, 2019

Use drawing techniques to decorate a clay ornament or use collage to decorate a paper ornament. A variety of shapes and sizes will be available for participants to add their own designs to.