an intimate index

an intimate index

Friday, July 8 – Saturday, August 27, 2022

In late 2021, Latcham Art Centre released a call for submissions inviting artists 30 years old and under to submit works to be considered for a small group exhibition. From this call, an intimate index was created, providing space for artistic voices of a new generation.

How reliable are the memories we hold within us, and what can be found in their gaps? Within this multidisciplinary exhibition, artists Audrey Hansen, Ramolen Laruan and Paula McLean acknowledge the incomplete and fragmentary nature of memories, seeing their gaps as fruitful places where new meaning can be made. Hansen uses documents of a performance to memorialize a childhood friend and look into a hypothetical future. With her own experience of migration and family history weaving into her art practice, Laruan uses reclaimed denim to address ideas of translation and transformation via gaps in memory. McLean combines altered photographs, found personal effects and resin to physically solidify elements of memory that would otherwise be fleeting and ephemeral. Together, the artists draw on intimate memories to begin conversations about diaspora, community, loss and the ways we make meaning from the world around us.

This exhibition is supported by the Whitchurch-Stouffville Legacy Fund. Latcham Art Centre also gratefully acknowledges the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville and the Ontario Arts Council for their generous support of this exhibition.

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