Both Sides Now: Paintings by Gary Evans and Frances Thomas

Both Sides Now: Paintings by Gary Evans and Frances Thomas

Friday, May 20 – Saturday, July 2, 2022

In Both Sides Now, Gary Evans & Frances Thomas exhibit two strikingly distinct approaches to abstract painting, and pathways that are embedded with an undeniable je ne sais quoi that tethers their organic language. The title of this exhibition is inspired by Joni Mitchell’s song of the same name and provides a lyrical entry point into the connection between the work of these artists; the two modes in which they paint, the way they address their subject and surface, and the hard to define connection between Evans’ use of density and Thomas’ tendency towards space.

Painting for Evans begins with a view to the outside world, which he internalizes and articulates subjectively creating hybrid realities with otherworldly connotations. Thomas works from within, responding materially to the experiential and mystical. No starting point or conclusion are the same. The working methods of both artists include observations of the world and intuition drives their investigations with paint.

Ultimately Evans’ and Thomas’ abstractions lead them to a common middle ground, located between the real and the imaginative. When viewed in concert, within this rich visual dialogue, their work offers us both sides of a similar journey. As with all good art, we aren’t given all the answers, we “really don’t know clouds at all”.

Guest Curated by Carol–Ann Ryan.

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Frances Thomas would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council (OAC).