Organized Chaos

IMAGES | Organized Chaos

December 12th, 2019 to January 4th, 2020

An exhibition of work by the graduating art class from Stouffville District Secondary School. Students work with the Curator throughout the fall semester to learn about the curatorial process, plan the exhibition, create related marketing materials, install the art, and organize the opening reception, providing an opportunity for these student artists to engage with a professional gallery in their community.

What runs through our veins, beside blood, are specks of gold, bolts of lightning, and a whirlwind of emotions—feelings that as young adults we stifle. Organized Chaos emerges from the labyrinth of complex thoughts and emotions that we face—from the stresses of new life changes to the happiness we feel when laughing with classmates, to discomfort when asked, “So what are you doing after high school?” All of these feelings, thoughts, and emotions are buzzing in this exhibition, present in our brushstrokes, colours, and forms.

The theme Organized Chaos is inspired by Modern art. As a class we studied Fauvism, Environmental art, assemblage, and Surrealism. These various styles acted as our inspiration, showing us the possibilities of colour as a tool for self-expression. We have pulled out the crayons we keep in the bottom drawer of our desk and drawn ourselves as a depiction of the mind. Inspired by the art of Andy Goldsworthy, we have run through parks, making art with rocks, twigs, and the flowers that crossed our path. Surrealism has opened doors not just for opportunity, but doors into our subconscious. We have brought to life our dreams, nightmares, fantasies, and facets of our imagination that have not only shaped us into stronger artists, but given us full access to the inside of our minds. The sculptural unit this year was assemblage. Inspired by the art of Louise Nevelson and pushing our boundaries by learning about “One Stump Fiddle,” we created functional sculptures from everyday objects. 

Exploring facets of our personality with a range of media Organized Chaos presents a depiction of the struggles of a teen mind. In this exhibition, we have expressed our joys, our fears, and shared our stories. These installations are aspects of our persona and we anticipate that each set of eyes will take away an overall message of how each mind is uniquely different. Although this represents our current state of mind we continue to embark on our journey as artists and discover ourselves further.

Thank you to The Stouffville Lions Club and Ken Goodbrand, Solicitor for their generous support of this exhibition.

Curated by Alexandra Hartstone

Graphic Design by Jennifer Onlock