Scott Sawtell | Right Before Your Eyes

Scott Sawtell | Right Before Your Eyes

September 7th, 2021 – October 23rd, 2021

Regional artist Scott Sawtell channels the curiosity and imagination from his youth and takes inspiration from comics, music and animation to inform his abstracted environments. There is a purposeful tension between realistic and familiar imagery with palpable abstract and gestural mark making. Sawtell’s self-reflection during the pandemic has informed and strengthened his practice by exploring the creative chaos of living in a unprecedented time, sharing images that engage the viewer’s experience and provoke an uncanny feeling.

Right Before Your Eyes represents a recent body of work that characterizes endless transformations in the balance between realism and abstraction. By combining various colours, forms and patterns with recognizable elements of nature and humanity, Sawtell presents new fragmented realities that seem to be constantly emerging and rapidly changing from one state to another. In doing so, his artwork continually shifts and unfolds in front of the viewer, encouraging deeper engagement.

“Latcham Art Centre is pleased to be reopening the Gallery to the public with Right Before Your Eyes. In August, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Scott Sawtell on a selection of his artworks featured in the exhibition. In addition, the following conversation highlights his art practice, creative influences, career and artistic development over the pandemic.” -Carolyn Hickey, Curator

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